14 Halloween Boo-ing Ideas

A Halloween boo is a surprise gift containing Halloween-themed treats stuffed in a basket decorated or designed in a cute and spooky fashion. A booing message is tucked beneath for the receiver to share the tradition till the entire neighborhood is booed.

In this blog, we are sharing a few booing ideas for your boo basket and “you have been booed” message.

1- Simple Boo Bags

If you are too caught up with the everyday business of life, a pre-packaged boo bag kit should be your perfect choice. A kit that is filled with all the essentials including bags, toys, crafts, and much more.

2- Egg Hunt Basket

The egg hunt basket can make the booing experience more fun. You need a simple basket filled with colorful paper scraps and a few plastic eastern eggs. Paint the eggs Halloween-themed and hide the candies alongside the boo message under the scrapes.

3- Pumpkin Boo Bags

A pumpkin bag is a funny twist to traditional boo-basket designs. With enough space to carry a few homemade treats and some pieces of candies, this booing idea is sure to put a smile on your friend’s or neighbor’s face.

4- Ghostly Boo Basket

Add a touch of drama to the booing tradition with this ghostly balloon basket idea. Paint a ghost on a white balloon and attach it to the boo basket. Leave it outside your neighbor’s door and see their expression as they are greeted by a ghost.

5- Boo with a Rhyme

Make the boo experience more memorable by sharing with your friends or neighbor a boo message styled in a poem. All the boo message cards carry the same message of making copies, put on the window, or booing your neighbors. You can include all these but in prose-styled writing.

6- Halloween House Boo

This idea works best for families who don’t necessarily have young kids. You can fill the basket with all the accessories the family can use throughout the Halloween season. These do not necessarily have to be filled with candies or treats, but stuff a family can use. The cost for this kind of basket would be high, but you can grab most of the items from one-dollar shops or nearby superstores.

7- Disney Themed Baskets

The kids in your neighborhood must have a liking for any of the new and old Disney characters. A great booing idea would be to paste the most popular Disney characters on a simple basket. Fill the basket with colored cotton and hide the treats in it. You can also print the boo message on a Disney-themed booing card.

8- Booze Basket

A boo basket for a wine lover does not have to be kid friendly. While treating a booze lover this Halloween adds their favorite wine or a couple of beer cans to gift them a booze basket. Booing is for everybody.

9- Teachers Basket

Your kid’s teacher does not have to be left out of the booing fun. Fill a basket or a paper bag with goodies they can use like drinks, snacks, juices, books, or anything you think they will like. Appreciate their hard work with a little booing present.

10- Foodie’s Boo Basket

If planning to boo a friend or a family member, you can consider their liking for food and drinks. Not everyone likes getting treats or candies. Make a basket filled with food items that they like and make them super happy this Halloween.

11- Kids Boo Basket

There is no need to only boo your neighbors. You can make a boo basket for your kids and surprise them by leaving it outside their room with the items they like or have been asking you to get for them.

You can also gift a kid’s boo basket to a family member having a storybook, cute pajamas, or any similar good they would love.

12- Boo Jars

You can fill plastic jars with treats, Halloween bracelets, stickers, and cute squishes to put a twist on the boo-basket tradition. You can wrap the jar with a ribbon to give it a gift vibe. Leaving this jar outside the door will look unique and fun.

13- Cute Classic Boo

Nothing beats the classic boo basket coupled with the cuteness of plush goodies. A black cat, a laughing ghost, and a traditional pumpkin plush tucked in a basket alongside stickers, a treat bag, and booed signs bring the Halloween flavor to life. You can use a spiderweb basket to make the setting look spooky.

14- Self Care Boo Basket

This kind of boo basket won’t be cheap but will assure your loved ones that you care for their health and well-being. If you know a family member who loves pampering them with self-care products. Boo them with a basket filled with their favorite products. You can keep all the goodies in a witchy cauldron to give the basket a Halloween look.

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